Morning Eyes

This past week has flown by and amidst the hustle and bustle, I am having to deal with my new situation of waking up daily with stinging and burning eyes. I usually put in the Blink eyedrops and then around nine o’clock, use the steroid eye drops. One day during this week, I used the Blink and not too long afterwards, I started to feel a sharp prickling in my left eye. It felt as if there was something in it. Every time I blinked, I could feel like if it is a a course grain of sand pricking. I know better than to rub it. Thankfully my hubby drives our daughter to school because of my eye being light-sensitive. I go along for the ride. For the most part, I have never let my daughter go to school without me being in the car or actually driving her. That morning my eyes were pricking and when the oncoming headlights of other vehicles were affecting me (I usually would look away- to my right since I was in the passenger side, the pricking sensation was heightened when I look to the right. It was so bothersome even when blinking. I was going crazy with it doing that. When I reached home, hubby told me to put another set of Blink on that eye so I did. I went and laid back down and surprisingly fell asleep for a little while and when I woke up, the pricking sensation was gone. I was so thankful because I did not want to have to go back to the eye doctor and face more bills.

The rest of the week, I did not have any more pricking sensations but only the occasional throb of the eyeball pain and the regular morning stinging and burning. Then yesterday (Friday), we had to go to the high school football game because my daughter was in the chorus and junior band and they had to perform. We hadn’t planned to stay the entire game because hubby had other things to attend to but because the school was locked and our daughter had her school stuff in the band room, we had to wait until the game was over to get it. That meant I missed my steroid eye drop scheduled dosage. By the time I reached home and took a shower, it was almost midnight and I used the Blink instead so that I can start a new schedule of the steroid drops early this morning. Needless to say, it was a bit difficult last night to read my Bible. Even by saying my prayers and having my eyes closed, it felt funny as if my inner eyelids were extremely dry and paining a bit. I finally went to sleep around 1:27 a.m. When I woke up this morning, my eyeballs were not only stinging, I was getting the pains as well. I went to lay down back and had to get up to brush my teeth and wash my face so my eyes could stay open for me to put in the steroid eye drops.

How I feel at this moment?

Tired. Concerned that symptoms are increasing a bit too fast (in my opinion). Worried a bit of where this is heading. Thankful that I have joined the glaucoma support group to connect with others.


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