Feeling grateful and blessed


Feeling grateful and blessed.

I’d been meaning to write for some time but my life has been so hectic and with more health issues, it became hard to stay on the computer or concentrate on anything for a given period of time. I must say that I have good news to share. At least so far.

I had gone to the eye doctor for my annual exam eleven days ago (April 12th, 2017) and had my vision field tests etc. At one point I became a little concerned when they gave me the eyepatch and I was clicking whenever I saw the lights. There was a brownish, transparent shadow on the lower inner corner of my eye that I was using. If I had my right eye covered, I saw a brown shadow on the lower right of my eye and vice versa. The girl who was doing the testing made sure and told me not to move my eyes, but stare straight ahead and press the clicker whenever I believed I saw the light anywhere around. That’s part of the testing I know but the dark shadows were making it difficult and many times I had to blink to clear my vision. I was afraid that I would miss a blinked light. Then I asked the girl if I could close my eye that was under the patch. She said yes. After that I had to go in another room to get my eyes scanned. When the doctor came to see me, he was a bit surprised. He told me that my test went very well indeed. I mentioned about the dark shadows and he said that the test results showed nothing was really amiss and that the scan of my eyes were fine. My husband, who’d went with me, thought that it was my probably the eye patch was not fitted well over my eye.

Anyway, what had surprised the doctor was that from my last visit, he was not seeing any major worsening in my eye as he thought there would be. He said my eyes were stable and my pressure was 12 and 14. Now, he wants me to get tested every 2-3 years instead of every year unless of course, something drastic happens. He wanted to space out the testings so that he could get a much better reading since the eyes were stable. I did not even got my eyes dilated that day because of the good results he found. The astigmatism has worsened slightly but he said that comes with age. I am still a glaucoma suspect but right now things are on the bright side. I am so grateful and blessed!


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